Human resources

Human Resources

Being an employer in today’s business world can be a headache. As an employer you have a wide range of legal obligations and responsibilities - PAYE and FBT from an IRD perspective, plus the Holidays act, the Privacy Act and workplace Health and Safety.

We’re employers too, so we understand the importance of getting things right the first time when dealing with employees. A bit more work in the beginning may just save your bacon one day.

Good process and record keeping is fundamental when dealing with employees. It is just not worth the risk of possible personal grievances, embarrassment or penalties (Holidays Act and Income Tax Act).

Southey Sayer can help you with:

  • Payroll – support or we can manage your pay runs for you, plus take care of your PAYE returns, Kiwisaver obligations and FBT
  • Employee management – creating meaningful incentives and performance measurement tools
  • Recruitment – advertising for the right employee, reference checking, especially for accounts/administration roles
  • ACC advice – helping you decide the ACC cover that best suits your needs